5 best ways to save money on your foreign travels


 Have you always wanted to travel?Have you always wanted to explore the world? Do you want to save money while on your travels abroad?

With the peak travelling season approaching, it is the right time for you to start getting ready and getting in the groove! It is now time to begin contemplating how to minimize vacation expenses while maximizing your opportunities.

Who would not want to travel the world? But the idea of all those exorbitant expenses deters one from planning a trip! What if there was a way to explore this beautiful planet of ours and roam the globe without breaking the bank? What if we told you there was a way to achieve your dreams without spending half your life’s savings? What if there was a way you could visit your favoured destinations?

What if we told you, that you could save money while travelling the world?

Travel the World and Save Money!

Travelling is a passion for a lot of people! The opportunity to see different places, cities, destinations and cultures is more than they can resist. But with this inflated economy a lot of people’s dream never get realized. And so, to help you out we have found some brilliant ways for you to save money while you are globetrotting! The top 5 ways to do this are:

Save Money, Eat Local!

We will start this list with the most simplistic of ways of cutting back on your expenses and slowly build towards the most complex ones. Starting with the most simplistic one, this is also the most common mistake people make when they travel, which eventually leads them to return back home with wallets much lighter than they would have liked!

Most people go abroad and end up dining at extremely expensive fast food chains. Not only is trying out new cuisines part of the thrill of travelling, but you are also likely to eat far better. Find a street food stall for some savoury local snacks, or hit the morning markets for fresh fruits and veggies and cook something yourself!

Travelers can buy an assortment of cheap snacks that you they can enjoy as incredible fresh meals. They can also get a feel for what the local people eat, giving them a more realistic experience of their destination. It is a wonderful way of taking in the pulse of a new place and enjoying their culture first hand.

Travel During the Off – Seasons

Another mistake that most travel enthusiasts make, is that they tend to travel the peak tourist times because they think they will miss out on a certain experience. However, that is not the case! In fact, by travelling during the tourist season you will be in contact with more tourists throughout your stay than with the actual locals.

For example, travelling to Europe for Christmas, America for the New Year or Australia for the summer is not a wise decision. Rather travel during the off – season and you are sure to find everything at a better bargained price. This means everything from hotel rooms, intracity travel, flight tickets and even local food stalls will have a much more reduced rate for whatever they are selling.

Not only does this help you save a tremendous amount of money, but it makes a lot of sense as well! By going a little earlier or a little later than the peak season, you beat the crowd. Travels can get a taste of the local culture of their destination before it gets infested with a thousand tourists. They can experience all the brilliant aspects in a more real manner, without missing out on a lot. For instance, much of Europe will still have beautiful weather come January – but with kids back at school the flights will be cheaper and your destination a lot less crowded.

Save Money, Share a Cab

Another major drainage of money while traveling is the cost and expense of moving around in the city. This expense is only augmented if you are in a city which has a higher exchange rate than your currency, because that would mean you will be spending a lot more. There are two ways to tackle this problem: Travellers can either choose to rent a car, or they can choose to share a ride using apps like Ola or Uber while traveling.

Using an app like Ola or Uber to order for a sharing a cab is a great option if you are on touristic vacation instead of a leisure and relaxing one – the kind where you leave your room at 8 am in the morning, stay out sight-seeing and discovering the cityscape, and return only late at night. Why this works so well is because, you get to share the cab fare with others, and this causes a split expensive which is much cheaper than if you were to charter a whole cab to yourself. Moreover, it can also make you meet new people and possible help make friends!

Car rentals as an option makes sense if you are a large group, like a family or a bunch of friends. In this case getting a sharing cab would be futile. Instead, coming together and pithing in to rent a car seems most feasible. This is because it will be cheaper on the whole group, plus travellers also have the option to leave and go wherever they wish to whenever they wish to! This makes life much easier on you and your wallet!

Fly to New Heights of Saving Money

Coming to more complex ways of saving money during your travels, this method helps you save a lot of money in the future. One important thing to keep in mind while travelling is to book the right flight. And to do this, you must do sufficient research first. This may sound like an easy task, but it is something a lot of people tend to overlook.

Some things to look into which can help you save money are:

  • Check multiple airlines for the cheapest fares
  • Check different dates for the best rates and prices of tickets
  • Checking the amount of baggage that you can carry (even whether check in baggage is allowed or not should be taken into consideration)
  • Book as early as possible- last minute flights are always more expensive
  • Clear cookies before booking your flights, or use the incognito mode- flight fares increase if you visit the same page repeatedly
  • Flights during Holiday seasons will be more expensive than off – season tickets

These are some of the things that travellers can look into to ensure that not only do they save some money but also have a safe and carefree comfortable flight!

Moreover, there some things that you need to keep in mind that can help you save even more money. Travellers should try and make a booking for flights back to the same airport. Flying in and out of the same airport is almost always cheaper. Travellers should always look for connecting flights. Yes, they take a little longer and you may have to deal with the stop over, but they save a great deal of money – some of which you can use during your stay in your destination.

Home is Where the Heart Is

This is fifth and last way to save money on this list, and it could be the clincher! What amounts to the most expenses when you travel is the lodging and boarding. Period.

Having to pay for the hotel rooms, the breakfast, lunch and dinner, and all other in room services – not to mention the taxes! These all can rack up quite a bill, which can do a real number on your wallet and savings.

A better way to manage your money would be to rent a guest house or finder cheaper, less pricey accommodation for you and your family.

One way to do this is by finding a “home exchange”. This is a very popular method, especially for backpackers in Europe. What happens here is, locals rent out a room for you the visitor to stay in, and at the same time, you help them out with their household work and daily chores!

This is a brilliant way to interact with the locals first hand, get to know their lives, their culture, heritage, traditions, rituals and all other such intricacies first hand! So, if you are adventure type then choose this option. It is extremely cost effective and you get to stay with some wonderful people!

Another way is to stay in backpacker hotels. These are hostels especially made for the thrill seeker in you. Made only for backpacker, this is once again a fantastic way to meet other fellow travellers since all of you guys stay under the same roof. This is more for a solo traveller however. For travellers who have family accompanying them, they can choose a regular hostel.

A guest house or a hostel is a fabulous option for those who want to stay together as family but do not want to shell out the exorbitant amounts of money for staying in a hotel. Another advantage of guest houses is that there are no restriction and you can do whatever you want, at whatever time. So, if you are a partying animal who wants to play music and make merry deep into the night, then a guest house is the way to go!


And so there you have it. 5 awesome ways that you can save money while travelling the world and having the time of your life. And now with the emergence of the internet and online web stores like Make My Trip, Yatra, Go ibibio and Clear Trip, users can get some incredible discount rates as well. Users can make use of online deals running on travel sites like yatra offers to enhance their experience! So, now you can save money not just while travelling but also while making arrangements for the same.

So, as use these techniques and go where ever your heart desires. After all, life is short so live it to the fullest and make your dreams come true. And remember:

“Travel far enough and you will meet yourself!”

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