7 Tips For Staying Active This Summer 


While you may have spent the last few months stressing about getting your body beach-ready, it’s easy to let all that hard work slip once the sun heats up and the ice cream starts filling up your freezer. Summer can actually be a great time to improve your fitness and increase your activity levels, and that doesn’t necessarily mean slaving away in the gym. There are plenty of fun ways to enjoy fitness during the summer months; you may just need to think outside the box.

1 – Book a fitness-friendly vacation. Not every summer holiday needs to involve lazing around all day with cocktails and seaside snacks. There are places where you can relax, see some beautiful sights, and keep your body moving. Check out bali villas for rent and spend your holiday swimming in your own personal pool and hitting the beach for fun summer activities that the whole family will enjoy.

2 – Get walking. Even if you’ve never been one for exercise, there are things you can do to step up your fitness level this summer. Now that the weather is warm, it’s easier than ever to get outdoors and enjoy the summer sun. Set yourself a distance goal for each day and aim to improve it by the end of the summer.

3 – Find an activity that you love. It’s difficult to get yourself in the mood for exercising if you don’t enjoy the activity you’ve planned. Some people hate treadmills but love running on the beach, while others feel their best playing team sports. Find a pastime that you genuinely enjoy and schedule it into your summer days so that you’ll begin to look forward to exercise.

4 – Don’t neglect your health on vacation. If you are travelling overseas for your holiday this year, aim to keep your fitness routine going wherever you are. Whether it’s the hotel gym, some laps in the pool or a jog around a new city, make fitness part of your holiday regimen.

5 – Get an exercise buddy. It’s always easier to stay on top of your fitness when you have a friend to be accountable to. Find a friend with similar health goals to you and make a plan to be active together this summer. This will give you the chance to catch up regularly and maintain your friendship while helping each other to stay fit. Plan new activities regularly together so you never have a chance to get bored.

6 – Go sightseeing. Sightseeing is a major calorie-burner, especially if you’re walking around museums and city streets. Even if you’re not going away this summer, take the time to become a tourist in your own city. Visit your local museums and take a walking tour through some interesting neighbourhoods – you’ll learn something new while improving your health.

7 – Set yourself a solid fitness goal. It’s easier to stay on track with your activity levels if you have a particular event or goal that you’re working towards. Consider setting a specific date to work toward. This may mean booking yourself into a half-marathon in six months time, or simply setting a clear step goal to reach by the time the temperature starts to drop. Make sure it’s both achievable and realistic and then spend your summer making it happen.

Staying Active

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