Are you a young person that’s fed up with reading online travel blogs that only cater to older travellers? Seeking things to do other than seeing a bunch of boring museums, architectural sites, and riding on tour buses full of old people?

Other travel resources out there concentrate on families or couples, ignoring the needs of solitary travellers in their twenties.  Most young travellers could care less about massive, overpriced 3 star hotels.  All they want are the hottest tips on the coolest, edgiest experience this world has to offer.

This is where we come in.

Single Travel Guide is a blog that focuses on exciting parties, adrenaline producing activities, exotic destinations and other items of interest to the young and unattached. Looking to rock your arse off until the sun comes up over Ibiza?  We’ve got that covered. Want to know about the best places to be a ski bum and party all winter?  We got the info on that too.  Brainstorming ideas for new, exotic places to jet off to on your hard earned vacation?  We’ve got articles profiling these destinations that are published on a very regular basis on this site.

It wouldn’t be enough to merely suggest places to go on your vacation.  We supply you with full intelligence on your destination, profiling the best places to satisfy your hunger, dance the night away, as well as exhilarating activities that will affirm to you that you indeed alive!

We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible travel information for singles here at Single Travel Guide.  If you have feedback for us, feel free to shoot us a message through our contact page, or through our social media accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

From all of us here, thanks for checking out Single Travel Guide, and we wish you many amazing travel experiences, wherever your travels take you!