Helpful Tips to Surviving Your Next Red Eye Flight

If you are a well-seasoned traveler, chances are you’ve had to take a red eye flight or two. The coined term “red eye” makes so much sense once you have experienced flying overnight to your desired destination – you often depart the plane and walk out of the airport feeling groggy, sleep deprived, and with tired red eyes that can’t wait to hit the pillow and catch some z’s. Although red eye flights pose some challenges when it comes to getting a restful night’s sleep, there are plenty of benefits to booking flights through the night.

The biggest pro to booking a red eye is that these flights tend to be much cheaper than your average daytime flights. So if you are one of those travelers who has no problem sleeping on airplanes or you are content losing one night’s sleep in order to save some money, consider booking one of the cheap red eye flights available with most airlines. Cheapfaremart is one of the leading travel booking websites for finding cheap red eye flights, so browse the site to find an amazing deal. If you are still unsure if you are up for flying through the evening, check out these helpful tips for surviving your next red eye flight.

Try to stay away from caffeine before boarding. If you are dead-set on trying to get some sleep while in the air, do your best to avoid that late-night cup of coffee or tea. As we all know, caffeine keeps our bodies and minds active and these side effects of caffeine are essential for helping many people get through the day. But if sleep is your main priority, there is no need for that Starbucks while you are waiting for your flight to depart. On the other hand, if you are hoping to get some work done during your airtime, sip on that dark roast coffee or cappuccino before and during your red eye flight!

Although it might be difficult, try to stick to your routine. Most people follow some sort of nightly routine before hitting the hay, so do your best to stick to this. Brush your teeth, wash your face, take your contact lenses out, and do whatever you typically do before bed each night. Obviously you might be a bit limited when it comes to accomplishing everything in the tiny airplane lavatory, but do whatever is possible.

Ear plugs are a necessity. There is nothing worse than getting to your seat at 17A, and realizing 17B is a mother and a crying baby. You might think in cases like these that you are doomed to a sleepless night, but this does not have to be the case – especially if you thought ahead and packed a quality pair of ear plugs. Keep out that annoying background noise by popping these in your ears, and even consider investing in an eye mask to keep out unwanted reading lights during your red eye flight.

Don’t be afraid to get comfortable. Just because cheap red eye flights offer significantly discounted prices, this does not mean you can’t do your best to get comfy. Pack a lightweight blanket and travel pillow to help you get some shut eye.

Eat a small, balanced dinner before you take off. As you are waiting for your boarding time to approach, you might be tempted to get that Big Mac from the airport McDonalds or sit down for a gourmet burger and craft beer at one of the many restaurants. But it turns out that a heavy meal before flying could prevent you from sleeping, and spicy foods should definitely be avoided. You are much better off eating a small well-balanced meal before flying.

If you follow these five easy tips, your next overnight flight will be a breeze. Who says you need to lose sleep when you choose to fly on a cheap red eye flight!?

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