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Kicking it in the capital of Catalonia: 4 killer nightlife spots in Barcelona

Mixing elements of artistic cool with unrelenting modernity, Barcelona has seen its travel stock rise into the stratosphere in recent years. As a result, it has attracted throngs of young people to this lively city in the heart of Catalonia. Before taking off to this tourism hotspot, it is wise to arrange your accommodation before […]

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From the pubs to the club: A perfect evening of nightlife in London

There are many nations that lay claim to having the world’s best party culture, but none come close to the mayhem that is wrought by the young people that inhabit the capital of the United Kingdom. While London is known for being a center of global finance, culture and history, it is also home to […]

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Livin’ It Up In The City Of Lights: Enjoying The Best Nightlife In Paris

With the inevitability of winter’s arrival making itself known with each passing day, you have been strongly questioning your decision to live/go to school this far north. While this season is part of the deal, there is no denying that the emotion-sucking darkness of November takes its toll on many people, yourself included. If the […]

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Finding The Hottest Nightlife In Honolulu

When one goes to Hawaii, they are seeking out good times under the sun, but when it sinks beneath the horizon, the awesome vibes are only getting warmed up, as many parties are just getting started on the streets of Honolulu via its many outstanding nightspots. For a long time, it has been a common […]

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Top 3 Foreigner Bars in Japan

Every year, many foreigners that speak English as their first language head over to Japan to share their knowledge of its inner workings. While the cultural and everyday aspects of life in this country engross most of these people throughout their stay, sometimes you’ll end up craving the company of people that are just like […]

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5 Great Dance Clubs in Europe

If you are traveling around Europe and you are looking for the clubs that offer the best time here are five of the greatest. It is hard to narrow down the clubs in Europe because they really know how to party.  You can make a trip and fill it with club dates across the continent. […]

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